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Program Activity Patches

The NCCS offers various programs to assist Scouts of all ages learn more about their faith. 

View the current offerings on the NCCS website. 

It should be noted that these are activity patches, not religious emblems, and as such the Scout is not eligible for the BSA religious square knot.


Activity Emblems/Patches

Rosary Patch Program International Awareness Activity Award Duty To God

Rosary Patch Program

International Awareness Activity Award Requirements

Duty to God Patch Requirements

The Rosary Patch Series
The Rosary Patch Series will focus each of the next four years on a different set of Mysteries of the Holy Rosary. 

They are:

* Joyful Mysteries Patch
* Mysteries of Light Patch
* Sorrowful Mysteries Patch
* Glorious Mysteries Patch

This is an opportunity for youth and adults alike to learn more about their faith. 

All Scouts, Girl Scouts and Camp Fire - USA are eligible to earn the patch. 

It is not necessary to send the completed form. Scout and Camp Fire Leaders as well as parents can verify the correct answers. 

For more information and to obtain requirements, please go directly to http://nccs-bsa.org/activities/index.php or NCCS Rosary Patch Order Form





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